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Mark Sheer coaches recruiters and wholesalers how to duplicate their best producers and grow production. Mark also coaches producers and sales desks how to clone their most profitable clients and create a never-ending cycle of new opportunities.

Mark's simple, results-proven process and tactics will set you free to more thoroughly enjoy your personal and business life; work with your most enjoyable clients; work smarter not harder.

Let Mark coach you to ease your journey to success while earning more money in less time and having more fun!

Who We Help

We help companies and individuals who are QCCQualified because they truly add value, Committed to grow their business and Coachable because they are willing to implement results-proven tactics.

Mark has had the privilege of coaching thousands of wholesalers, sales desks, recruiters and producers. He has coached over 40 of the largest financial services firms in North America. See Client List and Client Testimonials.

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Our sales desk has much improved results since using Mark's Partnering Process. The tools he offers such as the agenda, quantifying value, Pick-Three and the favorable-introduction process have helped us attract more quality FAs and get more production from our existing FAs.

Ben Alcid, MetLife
Mark's personalized coaching helped our phone team and field relationship managers to do a better job of building relationships and finding new business. Mark took the time to work with each person's individual style and approach. Because of this, we were able to more effectively identify new sales and new recruits-and we were able to measure the results. Overall I'm very pleased with the program and we look forward to working with Mark again in the future.

Lori Bochner, Midland National Life
Mark would be the first one to say that what he provides in not rocket science. Maybe so, but what he provides is an organized, repeatable, learnable and wonderfully useful communication method that enables the users to have more conversations that help reach the business goals of any organization. Mark's program and tactics definitely increased our production!

Rick Kisser - AIP Marketing Alliance, Inc.
Mark's recruiting ideas have made me, as well as our company, a powerhouse in recruiting qualified professionals. Mark's idea of “Less is More” means using fewer qualified, professional salespeople which decreases overhead, while increasing moral, as well as production-a 36% increase in funded loans in just 120 days! I strongly recommend Mark's Recruiting Techniques to anyone who wants to take their business to a higher level.

John Border, Pacific Shore Funding
Our sales desk team has been using Mark's Partnering Process and I must say, bottom line it works! We have been using the Agenda, getting the Reps goals, quantifying value and finding missed cases. The magic is in the scripts and practice sessions Mark has with our team. It is helping them to master the process!

Jim Green, The Annuity Store
Our sales desk has been using Mark's profiling process to find large, missed cases and his referral/introduction process to get introduced to more qualified, committed and coachable Reps/producers. I can say with certainty our production and results are getting better and better with his results-proven process.

Bill Zimmerman, LifePro
After participating in your Referral-Based Power Recruiting program my region has grown by 40% in 12 months. I attribute a large part of this growth to my participation in your program-twice.

Mike Coben, Jackson National Life
Because of the personal results that I have achieved, I am very enthusiastic about Mark's Referral program that I participated in. Among other significant results, I personally received 30 qualified referrals to million dollar prospects from one CPA. My advisors who are participating in the Fast~Track program have done so well that for the first time our cluster has surpassed the national average of referrals received; and so far, less than 20% of our advisors have begun the training program. Of course, I will be recommending Mark's Referral program to the balance of our advisors.

Homer Nottingham, American Express Financial Advisors/Ameriprise
After establishing my first relationship based on value-added services-money, time, fun-I received referrals to eight reps and they are already producing business.

Kathy Carpenter - Western Reserve Life
Mark, the concepts in your Partnering program have allowed us to approach and engage top producers whose total production exceeds a quarter of a million dollars. We would never have gotten to the table with these producers without your system and process.

Nancy Briguglio, Lincoln Financial Advisors
Using the Partnering Process, especially the Agenda, Quantifying Value and the Decision-Making process, has greatly enhanced our recruiting results. Also, by using the Favorable-Introduction process we are recruiting much higher-caliber reps!

James A. White, Jr., Sales Vice President, Distribution Development, Sammons Financial Group
I cut my broker base by 35%. I enjoy more quality relationships and have increased my business by 50% in just eight months. - Mark, just wanted to give you and up-date and let you know that your system really works long-term. I now have 64% fewer reps/producers and my production is up over 100%! My 1996 production was $1.2 million and 1997 was $2.6 million. You're right-less is more.

Tom Daley, Penn Mutual
Mark Sheer Seminars was instrumental to our sales development team in helping us partner more effectively with our MGA partners.  Mark helped us be more effective engaging with people and developing mutual commitments to drive growth.

Brad Rosenblatt, North American Company
Using your techniques, in the last 4 weeks I have achieved my goal of receiving 30 qualified referrals. So far I have reached 14; some are now clients and I believe all will be soon! Also, I met an attorney who, on my first visit, became a networking partner and has already earned me $15,000 and will probably earn me 5 times that amount very soon.

Alan Ryals, Allmerica Financial
The first year I used Mark's Referral/Partnering system and process my income grew by over 54%. Now in my second year of utilizing Mark's system, I am better able to focus on higher caliber financial representatives and by doing so, I have surpassed last year's record earnings in just nine months. I mention Mark's Referral System to most everyone that can benefit by getting more quality referrals and I must have given close to 100 of his systems as a value-added gift. This has helped these reps to be more productive in their business and in return, I'm receiving much more of their business. Mark has provided me with an edge that not only helps me rank in the top percentile of my company but has also earned me a promotion.

Kevin Berwald, CLU, ChFC, CFP-Jackson National Life or The Hartford
If you manage sales people Mark Sheer's Referral and Power Recruiting Program is a must. He helped me recruit and train nine new sales people in less than one year; all nine exceeded their sales goal their first year.  The appointment overview and commitment letter produced 126% sales growth the first year. This is not a fad but a successful sales and sales management system.  If your sales management system lacks accountability, get Mark Sheer.

Thomas A. Donovan, Manulife Financial
Using your advanced wholesale partnering program, especially the commitment letters, my business has grown 37% in 12 months and I'm working with higher caliber producers.

Matt Hudack-Manulife Financial
The Sheer process reorients the process of “referrals” from CPAs/COIs to building a professional partnership. While we may say we work with CPAs/COIs on an even basis, going through the Mark Sheer process quickly shows how we as financial planning professionals (me included) really operate one step away from begging for handouts.  Mark has helped me to better understand the needs of the other professionals and to engage in a dialog in such a manner that I have been able to put together multiple powerful professional partnerships that will help me grow my business.

Cindy Deavel, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp
To test the effectiveness of the Client Profile I asked for people worth over $10 million and asked for my ideal candidate to be worth over $100 million. Amazingly enough I have met three people worth over $100 million. I finished this year over $100,000 of first commissions. Mark, I just wanted to bring you up to date. In 1999, I closed $260,000 in FYL life insurance or investments.

Michael McCormack, Sagemark Consulting

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